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To empower female athletes to share their stories and performance images and inspire all females to participate proudly in sport.

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To increase the confidence of female athletes and females so that they feel empowered to achieve anything and everything in their lives. Sport is the key to this confidence. Society and the media needs to start treating female athletes like male athletes so that the space of sport is equalized and females experience the respectful treatment that their male counterparts already receive.

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To make the space of sport an equal one for male and female athletes.

Sport is a space dominated and controlled by males. Title IX has increased females involvement in sports markedly but after college there are far fewer female athletes playing professionally due to the lack of opportunities. The media coverage of sports mirrors this inequality. The media reports female athletes 4% of the time and represents them through a sexualized and trivialized lense very different from male athletes. This is the beginning of the movement to report female athletes like their male counterparts and encourage all women to play sport.

Goal Number 1


To portray female athletes as present and powerful.
Goal Number 2


To inspire all females, especially young girls, to seek out sport.



Female athletes receive 4% of the media coverage and the reporting is often highly sexualized and trivialized. FAN provides an alternative to this discrimination and empowers female athletes to use their voice and speak proudly as athletes.


Girls are twice as likely to drop out of school sports by the age of 14. The six key factors that drive this are lack of access, safety and transportation issues, social stigma, decreased quality of experience, cost, and lack of positive role models. If girls had more positive female athletes in social and mas media to look up to, they would be more encouraged to stick with sport and reap the benefits that hard-work and teamwork provides.